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Vsauce is an American Youtuber and social media influencer who is also active on Instagram.

Current Rankings as Youtuber in the United States

Ranked 24th on the American Youtuber rankings by the number of subscribers.

Ranked 103th on the American Youtuber rankings by the number of total video views.

Ranked 2377th on the American Youtuber rankings by the number of avg. video likes.

Ranked 235th on the American Youtuber rankings by the number of avg. video comments.

*Based on the charts of InfluencerWiki.
YouTube Channel Description

Our World is Amazing. Questions? Ideas? Tweet me: http://www.twitter.com/tweetsauce Vsauce was created by Michael Stevens in the summer of 2010. Vsauce is... Michael Stevens: Producer/Host of Vsauce1 Kevin Lieber: Producer/Host of Vsauce2 Jake Roper: Producer/Host of Vsauce3 Eric Langlay: VFX for Vsauce1/2/3 You: Thanks for watching!!!

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👇 how to make a Cartesian diver

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YouTube Stats

14345160 Subscribers
1 Likes/Video
3160 Comments/Video
Featured Video:
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Ranking History: By YouTube Subscribers in US
# Date Subs
24. 05/06 14375502
21. 04/17 14345160
Ranking History: By Total Video Views in US
# Date Views
103. 05/06 1593644429
101. 04/17 1586515076
Ranking History: By Avg. Likes/Video in US
# Date Likes
2377. 05/06 1
2236. 04/17 1


Currently, Vsauce has around 14345160 YouTube channel subscribers and 378 videos that generated 1586515076 views in total. Vsauce usually uploads a video in every 11 days (average) and gets around 1 likes and 3160 comments in average. Ranked on the 24th place on InfluencerWiki's subscriber rankings among American Youtubers.

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Instagram Stats

974 Posts
51522 Likes/Post
660.5 Comments/Post


Currently, Vsauce has around 473067 Instagram followers and 974 posts. Usually, one post added by Vsauce gets 51522 likes and 660.5 comments in average.

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