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Typical Gamer is a Canadian Youtuber.

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What's up everybody, Typical Gamer here! Welcome to my channel where I upload daily gaming livestreams and videos featuring games such as GTA 5, Fortnite, Minecraft and more! Subscribe and turn on post notifications for more.

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YouTube Stats

8167610 Subscribers
5734 Likes/Video
229 Comments/Video
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Ranking History: By YouTube Subscribers in CA
# Date Subs
6. 05/06 8220163
5. 04/17 8167610
Ranking History: By Total Video Views in CA
# Date Views
5. 05/06 2085203817
4. 04/17 2063275040
Ranking History: By Avg. Likes/Video in CA
# Date Likes
62. 05/06 7122
64. 04/17 5734


Currently, Typical Gamer has around 8167610 YouTube channel subscribers and 2686 videos that generated 2063275040 views in total. Typical Gamer usually uploads a video in every 1 days (average) and gets around 5734 likes and 229 comments in average. Ranked on the 6th place on InfluencerWiki's subscriber rankings among Canadian Youtubers.

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