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Thoughty2 is an English Youtuber and social media influencer who is also active on Instagram.

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Thoughty2 (Arran) is a British YouTuber and gatekeeper of useless facts. Thoughty2 creates mind-blowing factual videos, on the weirdest, wackiest and most interesting topics. Subscribe for a new video every two weeks! -- GET THE THOUGHTY2 BOOK --- Get Arran's book: 'Stick a Flag in it: 1,000 years of bizarre history from Britain and beyond' -- JOIN TEAM T2 --- Become a member to join the exclusive Thoughty2 community and enjoy perks such as... Private members-only video and image posts from myself PLUS early access to all my videos Join: -- GET MY KIT --- Camera: Mic: Memory Card: Video Lights: (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

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Answers to life, the universe and everything... Watch me on YouTube!

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YouTube Stats

2516171 Subscribers
23319 Likes/Video
5533 Comments/Video
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Currently, Thoughty2 has around 2516171 YouTube channel subscribers and 354 videos that generated 379217261 views in total. Thoughty2 usually uploads a video in every 7 days (average) and gets around 23319 likes and 5533 comments in average.

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Instagram Stats

41 Posts
1908 Likes/Post
59.75 Comments/Post


Currently, Thoughty2 has around 9922 Instagram followers and 41 posts. Usually, one post added by Thoughty2 gets 1908 likes and 59.75 comments in average.

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