All of the new functions and other updates of InfluencerWiki are listed here chronologically.


New Feature: Influencer Badges

In order to help influencer discovery we created "influencer badges". Badges will appear on the influencer pages and they display important information regarding to the influencer's popularity and target audience.


New design

After almost 3 years, we have finally released a totally new design for InfluencerWiki. It's important that the new look is not a facelift. We started from scratch and rethinked the whole UI.

New function releases

While the local versions of InfluencerWiki achieved great success in Europe, we didn't have the infrastructure to release our new developments here, until now. This means that we continuously developed new functions in the past 2 years for our marketing platform, but all of these new functions and features were available only for the European market. We rather focused on the growth of our European sites which was quite successful. However, with this update will have most of the "production ready" functions that the EU versions already have.

List of newly added features:

- Influencer registration

- Advertiser/business account registration

- User profile management features

- Localised list of Youtubers to support the discovery feature

- Localised video creator rankings to support the discovery feature

Removal of legacy pages

We have removed some deprecated, legacy sub pages.