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ibxtoycat is an English Youtuber and social media influencer who is also active on Instagram.

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I play games (Mainly Minecraft Console) and talk about them, hopefully teaching things you don't already know. For this reason I also cover the latest gaming news related to games that I play. Enjoy! I have an Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 Wii-U/Wii + 3DS and a PC, most of my videos are on Xbox 360 / One, however. (easiest to capture from, favourite controls) I play for fun mainly, though there is sometimes a degree of competitiveness (not so much in my playthroughs) and I hope that every video teaches you something you didn't know before! Official email is ibxtoycat@gmail.com

Instagram Bio

Travel photo's, food and misc. I think on instagram that's not being specific though.

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YouTube Stats

1039029 Subscribers
1714 Likes/Video
619 Comments/Video
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Currently, ibxtoycat has around 1039029 YouTube channel subscribers and 4828 videos that generated 379263409 views in total. ibxtoycat usually uploads a video in every 1 days (average) and gets around 1714 likes and 619 comments in average.

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Instagram Stats

139 Posts
470 Likes/Post
17.25 Comments/Post


Currently, ibxtoycat has around 9688 Instagram followers and 139 posts. Usually, one post added by ibxtoycat gets 470 likes and 17.25 comments in average.

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