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DionYorkie is an English Youtuber and social media influencer who is also active on Instagram.

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WARNING! THERE'S SOMEONE IN YOUR CLOSET!!! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!! it's the gays.. coming out.. yes QUEEN Hi, I'm DionYorkie ❤ welcome to my channel! I live with my fiance who is on my channel A LOT as well as some other sweet potatoes

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🥔|main @dionyorkie ✨|i don’t know wat I’ll post here, well ssee👁 👽|send memes from my videos or any 🔥ones to be featured📸💙

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861637 Subscribers
9839 Likes/Video
1230 Comments/Video
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Currently, DionYorkie has around 861637 YouTube channel subscribers and 395 videos that generated 144306489 views in total. DionYorkie usually uploads a video in every 6 days (average) and gets around 9839 likes and 1230 comments in average.

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Currently, DionYorkie has around 237 Instagram followers and 1 posts. Usually, one post added by DionYorkie gets likes and comments in average.

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