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boogie2988 is an American Youtuber and social media influencer.

Current Rankings as Youtuber in the United States

Ranked 174th on the American Youtuber rankings by the number of subscribers.

Ranked 215th on the American Youtuber rankings by the number of total video views.

Ranked 411th on the American Youtuber rankings by the number of avg. video likes.

Ranked 223th on the American Youtuber rankings by the number of avg. video comments.

*Based on the charts of InfluencerWiki.
YouTube Channel Description

Hello! I am youtuber Boogie2988. You might know me as Boogie, or as one of my characters... Most notably the raging gamer Francis. I make vlogs, comedy sketches, video game related news and articles, rage videos, parodies, game play videos, and other gaming videos as well! So if you're a gamer looking for gaming videos, gaming news, or gameplay you're in the right place. If you like watching a fat funny guy named francis destroy gaming consoles and going on rants and rages then this is the right place for that too! I also make serious videos and vlogs about life topics that give advice on a variety of things to help you live a slightly better life and learn from my mistakes about weight loss, or succeeding on youtube, and more!

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YouTube Stats

4566176 Subscribers
8349 Likes/Video
2141 Comments/Video
Featured Video:
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Ranking History: By YouTube Subscribers in US
# Date Subs
174. 05/06 4581199
177. 04/17 4566176
Ranking History: By Total Video Views in US
# Date Views
215. 05/06 841195860
211. 04/17 835108988
Ranking History: By Avg. Likes/Video in US
# Date Likes
411. 05/06 15039
592. 04/17 8349


Currently, boogie2988 has around 4566176 YouTube channel subscribers and 2121 videos that generated 835108988 views in total. boogie2988 usually uploads a video in every 2 days (average) and gets around 8349 likes and 2141 comments in average. Ranked on the 174th place on InfluencerWiki's subscriber rankings among American Youtubers.

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